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Pukin Pie


Although individual differences in personality exist, there are some things that you can expect to find in the personality of every Stafford. They are tough, courageous, tenacious, stubborn, curious, people-loving and comfort-loving, protective, intelligent, active, quick and agile. They are extremely "oral" youngsters and need a safe alternative to furniture, toys and clothing for their busy jaws. Staffords love to play tug-of-war and to roughhouse, but YOU must set the rules and YOU must be the boss. This is not a difficult task if you begin working with your Stafford when she is a puppy.

Most Staffords, particularly bitches, make excellent watchdogs. Their alert, musclebound appearance is so striking that it's easy to forget that they are smaller than most American Pit Bull Terriers. As Steve Eltinge in the book, The Staffordshire Bull Terrier in America says, "When a Stafford shows its teeth in a snarl, it can be frightening." They look tough and can be a positive deterrent to thieves, but because of their natural fondness for people, most Staffords are temperamentally ill-suited for guard or attack-dog training." As with other members of the Bull and Terrier family, they can be the biggest people lovers in the world!

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier desires, more than anything else, to be with her people. Most adore a car ride, going on hikes and walks, enjoying a romp up the beach, and cozying up (or on) to you when you settle down for an evening of TV or reading.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier requires a rigorous exercise regime to maintain his muscle tone. He will live happily in the city or the country as long as he is given a good physical workout.

Whatever the activity, "from the time it awakens in the morning until the quiet of night, a Stafford lives life to the fullest." (The Staffordshire Bull Terrier, by Steve Eltinge)

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